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The Beautiful Inland Northwest

The inland northwest is a combination of scenic nature and historic urban life.

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Dramatic Photography of the Northwest

It is a real pleasure when you are able to locate a scene like this that seems to leap out of the past. No roads, no telephone wires, no planes in the sky…. I love it. 

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Photography is a great way to create the right mood for your home or Office

Like this calming creek scene found near Mt Spokane

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Photographic Prints For Your Home or Office

Photography from the Inland Northwest. Share the mood and the beauty of this area when you hang my photography on your wall! Show your friends why you love this area. 

Photography by Timothy Eberly

Photography is to the eyes what music is to the ears. I have been described as a witness to God’s creation. That works for me! 

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Inland Northwest

The inland northwest is both rugged and gentle. It ranges from mountainscapes to open prairies. 


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Historic old buildings and a slightly different way of living, that is what Spokane is all about. Spokane is rather unique.

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