I'm Your Photographer

Hi, how are you?

I am the knucklehead behind the camera. I try to take my camera with me everywhere I go because you never know what you are going to see. 

Did you know that these photos are for sale?

Photography from the Inland Northwest. Share the mood and the beauty of this area. Show your friends why you love this area. 

Photography of the Inland Northwest

The inland northwest is both rugged and gentle. It ranges from mountainscapes to open prairies. The weather spans all four seasons. We have the art deco cityscapes of downtown Spokane to the farming rural life about 30 minutes outside of town. There are lakes throughout the area and large fields that change colors with the seasons depending on what the farmers planted there. 

It is my goal and desire to capture the beauty of the Inland Northwest whether it is downtown, or out in the country. 

Seattle Morning

I lived in Seattle for 8 plus years and in all that time I was never able to get a photo of the moun…
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