December 29, 2015

This Amazing Barn and Sky Photograph Will Leave You Breathless

Photograph of a barn in the country with an amazing sunset behind it

As a photographer I am always looking for that amazing sunset that really stops you in your tracks. Sometimes the sunset has a lot of color and in other cases it provides the image with some dynamic interest.

This is one of those times. I set out to take photos of the barn without getting my hopes up too high for a nice sunset. I knew there was a chance the clouds would break long enough for some color in the evening’s sky, but this is even better. The sun breaks a hole in the clouds right as it goes down behind the hills. 20 minutes earlier and the sky was mostly overcast.

In eastern Washington during the late summer it is common for the skies to have some filtered smoke from forest fires in other parts of the state. This evening the sky had a little bit of smoke which really helped with the sun rays in the sky.

The starshine is caused from setting the camera’s f-stop pretty high. In this case it was probably set at about f-11. Since I was shooting into the sun I had to take a few different exposures to bring out the barn a little bit. Otherwise it would have been a silhouette of a barn. Finding barns to photograph is getting harder and harder as people build new structures and tear down the old ones. So I am always on the look out for a barn to photograph.

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