December 30, 2015

Barn in Black and White

Black and white barn photo

A dramatic barn photo in black and white.

This is perhaps the most dramatic photo I have in my collection. A lone barn in the country, over looking a huge expanse, surrounded by mountains. I feel like I am right there, standing in the field.

Twice a year I would try to make it down to this location just to stand next to this barn and enjoy the silence. The day I took this image I was fortunate enough to get some really nice lighting with the sun setting behind me. If you stood still for a moment all you would hear is the wind blowing through the tall grass. No cars. No people. No buses, or new developments. Just quiet solitude standing strong.

I like taking barn photos like this because it reminds me of a time long gone. Although this barn is not all that old, judging by the roof design, it still represents a lifestyle where people worked hard for their living. Imagine getting up at the crack of dawn to take care of the livestock. What a living!

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