Sunflowers North of Spokane Along 395

Blooming sunflowers in Washington

On the drive up to Colville this morning I noticed that the sunflowers were basically ready to shoot. According to one farmer that I spoke to the warm weather probably has something to do with their early arrival. The main fields are just north of Deer Park and about 12 […]

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This years location

Locate Sunflowers in WA

Every year they change location. I will post their location the moment I find out where the fields are. Please keep in mind that the fields are the farmer’s lively hood and they don’t want photographers to walk into the fields. If we have a bunch of people disrespecting their […]

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Sunflower Fields and Storm

Sunflowers in the middle of a storm

When the weather is less than perfect, that is the best time to go take pictures. An interesting subject is more interesting when you capture it along with something else interesting. Like the sky, or something in the foreground. The contrast of the flowers and the dark weather is a […]

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