Improve your sunflower photography with these 5 tips

Improve your sunflower photography

The sunflowers are blooming right now, north of Spokane just past Deer Park. Before you head up there to take some photos of the flowers here are some tips that might help you take better photos of them. Do you need a better camera? Probably not. You could even use your phone. Wait until evening. Did you know that sunflowers only face east? It’s true. That means most photos are taken when the photographer is facing west. Most of the time the photographer is looking for back lighting of the sunflowers because that tends to be the most dramatic and flattering light. When the sun is behind the photographer and shining directly on the face of the sunflower you see all the dust and imperfections of the sunflowers even more than when the sun is behind the flower. Also, it highlights the petals which kind of makes them shine. If you […]

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Sunflowers North of Spokane Along 395

Blooming sunflowers in Washington

On the drive up to Colville this morning I noticed that the sunflowers were basically ready to shoot. According to one farmer that I spoke to the warm weather probably has something to do with their early arrival. The main fields are just north of Deer Park and about 12 miles north of that there is another one. If you feel like taking a drive some evening, be sure to check them out. This map shows where they are located.

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This years location

Locate Sunflowers in WA

Every year they change location. I will post their location the moment I find out where the fields are. Please keep in mind that the fields are the farmer’s lively hood and they don’t want photographers to walk into the fields. If we have a bunch of people disrespecting their wishes they will ban photographers or make it difficult for us photographers to enjoy the fields, so please be nice. Thank you!! I drove out this morning, July 22nd, 2017 and found a few really good fields worth shooting in the next 2 to 4 weeks. Here are the three that I plan to visit in a couple of weeks. The first one will be ready first. The last two are not blooming yet, so they are probably about 4 weeks out. I will let you know if I see them bloom soon. With the above location especially. DO NOT DRIVE […]

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Every Year is Different When it Comes To Photographs of the Sunflowers

Fall sunset over sunflower field

Every time you go out to shoot the sunflowers it’s a little different. I wouldn’t think that it would be all that different because sunflowers don’t change, but the weather does and I do. And my mood does have an effect on the image. My mood is how I decide what lens to use. On the above shot the lens is really wide so it curves the image a little. I can compensate for that, but I think I like it the way it is.  

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Sunflower Fields and Storm

Sunflowers in the middle of a storm

When the weather is less than perfect, that is the best time to go take pictures. An interesting subject is more interesting when you capture it along with something else interesting. Like the sky, or something in the foreground. The contrast of the flowers and the dark weather is a nice one. The lightning and wind whipped flowers add a little bit of drama to the scene. I had originally set out to take a photo of a colorful sunset and instead was treated to several storms blowing through. I feel especially lucky on this shot because of where the lightning strike occurred. Usually, when I am out trying to capture lightning I will use a remote shutter release and lock it in the on position so that it takes photos one after the other until it captures a lightning strike. This time the lightning was intense enough that I could […]

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