Autumn color in Spokane: Fall Colors in Photographs.

Japanese Garden Spokane

Spokane has a lot to offer when the leaves start to change colors. Manito park looks amazing towards the end of October. And there is Greenbluff nearby for your hayrides and pumpkin hunting. Don’t forget to try the pumpkin spice donuts out there too! They are amazing. Green Bluff Check out the area’s website. Homepage GB   You can click on the images and when after they are done loading, right click them and ‘save as’ to save them on your computer.

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Some Fascinating Memories of Spokane Are Created By This Photo

The drive into Spokane from I90

When you think of photos of Spokane what do you imagine you are going to see? What photo really says “Spokane” like no other photo you have ever seen? Is it downtown, or the waterfront? Is it the park or the view from the southside? When you think of Spokane you think of the stacks of the Steamplant Grill, or the Waterfront with the clock tower. But when you see the view of the drive into Spokane from I90 it really stirs up some amazing memories. This seems true more so for that view than any other photo of Spokane I have seen. People identify with the feeling of almost being home after a long drive. The lights of the city welcome you as you head down the hill. Parents wake their kids up and tell them to look at the city they are almost home. This view does more […]

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Sunflower Fields and Storm

Sunflowers in the middle of a storm

When the weather is less than perfect, that is the best time to go take pictures. An interesting subject is more interesting when you capture it along with something else interesting. Like the sky, or something in the foreground. The contrast of the flowers and the dark weather is a nice one. The lightning and wind whipped flowers add a little bit of drama to the scene. I had originally set out to take a photo of a colorful sunset and instead was treated to several storms blowing through. I feel especially lucky on this shot because of where the lightning strike occurred. Usually, when I am out trying to capture lightning I will use a remote shutter release and lock it in the on position so that it takes photos one after the other until it captures a lightning strike. This time the lightning was intense enough that I could […]

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Mt Spokane Creek in the Summer

The creek alongside the road on the way up to the top of Mt Spokane

Ah, the gentle sounds of the rushing waters in the summertime. What a peaceful scene! The drive up to the top of Mt. Spokane is a nice one in the summer. The air is a little cooler and there is a ton of green leaves for shade. Along the way is this nice little creek. I have stopped by the creek a few times on the way up to Mt. Spokane. I like how the sun shines through parts of this shot, hitting the green moss on the rocks. The first time I saw this little creek I knew I had to stop and photograph it. For this shot I decided not to get into the water. People have mixed feelings about shooting running water. Some say the exposure should be longer. Others say the exposure should be set to feel the rushing water; to really get a sense of the […]

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