December 29, 2015

Cold River Morning Sunrise

Sunrise photo over Spokane River

This shot was taken near Tum Tum WA. It was a very cold 3 degrees out.

I got up before the sunrise hoping for some fog coming off of the river. I guess the air didn’t have enough moisture in it to produce any fog. That or the river is really, really cold. When I got to the location I was planning on shooting from I setup the camera in the dark and then waited in the car because it was too cold to stand by the camera waiting for the sun to come up.

As soon as the sun began to come up I adjust the shot a little to get the rickety old dock and sun creeping over the hills in the same frame. I snapped several shots during the sunrise. This was one of the first ones though.

I really like the look of the old dock and starshine on the sun coming up. From this image it is impossible to tell that I am actually shooting a river and not a lake. Maybe that is why they call this Long Lake even though it is really a river.

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