December 29, 2015

Beautiful Foggy Forest Photograph is Almost Too Emotional

Photo of a foggy forest

Lovely foggy forest photograph sets a nice mysterious mood.

Fog has always been a favorite subject of mine when it comes to photography. I love the mood it creates and how the light changes from scene to scene. Sometimes the fog is really dense and sometimes it isn’t. The thin fog is something I strive to shoot more than super dense fog. To get this shot I drove up the mountain until I was at the top of the fog. I then tried to find a grove of trees that were interesting unto themselves.

The red grass and weeds below really help this image work for me. For me it was the pattern that laid the foundation for this shot. The fog helps by giving it a really good feeling of depth. The interest in the shot should be the feeling of the shot, not so much one element in the shot that stands out.

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