December 29, 2015

Homestead Photo

Photo of an old homestead somewhere in Washington state

Photo of an old homestead somewhere in Washington state

This homestead photo was taken in Washington state south of Clarkston.

I have been out to this location a few times trying to do it justice. This time around I feel the shot makes traveling to the location worth it. The sun was setting behind me. With the snow in the mountains and sunset colors it makes for a really nice image. I also like how the tangled trees seem to mirror the tangled barbed wire fence.

The main reason I started taking pictures of this homestead was because I have this thing for seeing objects as they were left. This one is not overrun with new development. It doesn’t have anything modern around it to distract you from the condition of the homestead itself. Just rugged old wood, twisted trees and dead grass.

Could you imagine living in this modest dwelling looking over that wondrous view? It would really be a simple life rewarded by the peace and quiet the country would offer.

From what I have read, in the early 1900s you could build a place like this on some vacant land thus making  you the owner of the property. It would be kind of cool to go back to that way of living if there is any land left to grab.

I am going to make this homestead photography available for purchase if you are interested in using it. Click here to download the photo.

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