February 16, 2016

Lake Fernan

Lake Fernan in Idaho

One of the beauties I fell in love with when I first moved to Idaho.

I would often drive around Idaho looking for interesting sunrise photos. After shooting some images north of this location, I came by here to see the ducks and drink in the morning sun. What I saw was quite the scene. The fishermen were headed out early into the mist coming off the lake in the cold autumn air. Sitting on a dock next to the boat was a perfect little image of a boy fishing. What makes this image really work for me is that it is simply about the morning and basically nothing else. Just the boat, the fishing, and the sun shining through the steam coming off the lake in the crisp fall air.

I went back to the lake a few weeks later to shoot some more sunrise photos and the fishermen enjoying their solitude. I was hoping for the same basic scene, but as it turns out the conditions for this shot require the sun to be in a certain location. Later, or earlier in the month, the sun moves such that the sun is no longer shining right through the valley. The morning sun then creates a ton of light interference. So to get this particular shot you have to be at the lake at the right time of morning, on the week where the sun is in the right place, and when the weather is cooperating.

I took this shot with about a 70mm lens at about an f5.6 I hope you enjoy it. If you know someone from Idaho that can relate to this image, please feel free to share. 🙂 Comments are welcome too.

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