March 2, 2016

Mt Spokane Creek in the Summer

The creek alongside the road on the way up to the top of Mt Spokane

The creek alongside the road on the way up to the top of Mt Spokane

Ah, the gentle sounds of the rushing waters in the summertime. What a peaceful scene!

The drive up to the top of Mt. Spokane is a nice one in the summer. The air is a little cooler and there is a ton of green leaves for shade. Along the way is this nice little creek. I have stopped by the creek a few times on the way up to Mt. Spokane. I like how the sun shines through parts of this shot, hitting the green moss on the rocks. The first time I saw this little creek I knew I had to stop and photograph it.

For this shot I decided not to get into the water. People have mixed feelings about shooting running water. Some say the exposure should be longer. Others say the exposure should be set to feel the rushing water; to really get a sense of the water.

I shot this with the highest f-stop I could manage. Without filters, I was able to get about 15 seconds of exposure. I would like to try the shot again with some filters and get my exposure up over 30 seconds. That, or I could go and shoot the creek later in the evening. Both would be worth trying in my opinion.

What makes for a nice creek photograph? Obviously, the water should be a highlight of the photo. Besides that obvious point, I strive for a good balance of interesting foreground subjects and atmosphere. The sun hitting the rock in the foreground helps this shot, and the light in the distance is good for atmosphere. I would be interesting to shoot the same scene during some light fog or smoke in the area.

I like using this creek photo for my computer desktop. Especially during the last part of winter when you are sick of the long winter. It helps to visualize the coming spring and summer.

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