December 29, 2015

Old Barn


I discovered this old barn south of Asotin WA. and just had to photograph it.

I found this barn while checking out a location I had photographed earlier. Both locations were far enough from the road that they were free from modern distractions like telephone wires and parked cars. I also didn’t find any roads or other buildings to that might clutter up the shot. The sun was setting behind me, which gave the photo some nice color on this particular evening.

It was late enough in the year that I was able to see some snow on the mountains in the distance. I did some editing on the colors and removed a small reflection in the window. Other than that this shot is how you would see the area.

The barn is so far from the road that you wouldn’t even know it existed. It was kind of cold, but it was so peaceful that the cold didn’t bother me any.

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