July 27, 2016

Sunflower Fields and Storm

Sunflowers in the middle of a storm

A field of sunflowers and a lightning strike caught in the same shot by Timothy Eberly.

When the weather is less than perfect, that is the best time to go take pictures. An interesting subject is more interesting when you capture it along with something else interesting. Like the sky, or something in the foreground. The contrast of the flowers and the dark weather is a nice one. The lightning and wind whipped flowers add a little bit of drama to the scene.

I had originally set out to take a photo of a colorful sunset and instead was treated to several storms blowing through. I feel especially lucky on this shot because of where the lightning strike occurred.

Usually, when I am out trying to capture lightning I will use a remote shutter release and lock it in the on position so that it takes photos one after the other until it captures a lightning strike. This time the lightning was intense enough that I could actually catch it with just my regular reaction time. I kept my finger on the shutter button and waited. When I saw a flash I pushed the button as fast as I could. This is what I got by using that technique.

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