July 10, 2017

This years location

Locate Sunflowers in WA

Every year they change location. I will post their location the moment I find out where the fields are. Please keep in mind that the fields are the farmer’s lively hood and they don’t want photographers to walk into the fields. If we have a bunch of people disrespecting their wishes they will ban photographers or make it difficult for us photographers to enjoy the fields, so please be nice.

Thank you!!

I drove out this morning, July 22nd, 2017 and found a few really good fields worth shooting in the next 2 to 4 weeks. Here are the three that I plan to visit in a couple of weeks. The first one will be ready first. The last two are not blooming yet, so they are probably about 4 weeks out. I will let you know if I see them bloom soon.

With the above location especially. DO NOT DRIVE ON THEIR PROPERTY. The best location for taking pictures is probably going to be the corner farthest from their driveway anyway.

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