What or who is Grimmace Pistacio?

I wish I had some life changing story to tell you, but I don’t. Well, now I do… thanks to Rick Clark.

I like to see things. I like to look at things. When I see something beautiful, and emotionally moving, I try to capture it.

Photography is an incredibly tough business to actually be in. There is the difficult side of shooting great shots, and the additional improbability that the artist behind the camera is business minded enough to run a business. We tend to be a little too flighty and our mind wanders a bit much to be in charge of running a business. It’s like trying to locate a web developer that is also good at design.

Exposure is one of the toughest areas for the photographer. There are a lot of places to share a photo, if you want critique from other photographers. There aren’t that many places to share a photo if you are interested in selling them. Galleries are really hard to get into and the wait is usually 3 years or more. Groups on facebook won’t let you post a photo if you are selling said photo. That is most of the groups anyway.

Rick Clark has given me some much needed exposure. He runs a group on facebook that is doing really well and he told people about me. The result has been amazing. So one of the reasons I am still here is because of Rick and people like him.

Thanks guys!


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